ondae offers consultation and solutions for the acquisition of measurement data. The range of services includes:
  • consultation for the acquisition of existing systems on the market
  • System constellation and configuration from components of different suppliers
  • Development of prototypes of not commercially available components.

The typical process of an order can have the following milestones:

  1. common elaboration of your task to concrete system requirements
  2. Preliminary investigation and validating of the instrumentation requirements
  3. Quotation based on existing and/or yet to be developped system components
  4. Your approval of the necessary time window and budget
  5. Procurement of all components
  6. Constellation and configuration of the system based on your apllication requirements
  7. Installation and instruction on site
  8. Your acceptance after defined test phase

Depending on the individual task steps 3.-6. may be accomplished with a defined partner under mutual agreement.

We take orders within the ranges photometry, spectroscopy, imaging and irradiation systems. Special knowledge exists in the measurement of smallest optical signals (Ultraweak photon emission) from biological tissue (Biophotonics).

Vivascope 1500
Vivascope 1500 Confocal microscope for imaging imaging skin in vivo. Patented competitionless technology based on the reflection of a scanning laser in confocal configuration. With a wavelength of 830nm the image is composed from the contrast of the optical density variation between water and melanin and/or Keratin. A picture represents a field of 500x500µm with a horizontal resolution of 2µm at a layer thickness of 3µm. With a frame rate of 10 images per second capillary bloodflow and single erythrocytes are easily recognized.

Images can smoothly be mapped up to an overview of 4mmx4mm (Vivablock) and be stacked (Vivastacks) 16fold in depth and be played in a video sequence.

Publications | Example pictures | Info-download (approx. 110 KB)

SRUPE Detection System:
(Spectrally Resolved Ultraweak Photon Emission Detection System)
SRUPE Detection System

SRUPE-DS is designed to detect ultraweak photon emission from a surface. In some applications the sample surface is human skin, e.g. in-vivo efficacy testing in the field of cosmetic and medicine.

Selected applications:

  • in-vivo Chemiluminescence (Radiation Decay Kinetics after Excitation of Human Skin (e.g. Irradiation-, Tribo- or chemically induced))
  • Efficacy Testing of Active Ingredients
  • Non-Destructive Hair Analysis (e.g. peroxidative hair damage) (see exemplary measurement)
  • Toxicity Tests
  • Fundamental Research in Dermatology
  • Food Quality Tests

The efficient optical coupling transfers up to one out of thirty sample emitted photons to the detector (Large Cathode Photomultiplier). An optional six-segment filterwheel can be used either for spectral resolution or for enhancing the SNR by chopping the signal. The measurement procedure including excitation and simultaneous acquisition of up to six data curves with one measurement is fully programmable with easy-to-use Windows software. The special cut filters are available include all major Schott Color Glass types. The modular construction of SRUPE-DS offers an application-oriented configuration of the system.

Highly Sensitive Spectrally Resolving Optical Detection System

  • Up to six Data Curves with one Measurement
  • High Optical Coupling
  • Low Dark Current
  • Easy-to-use Windows-Software

Publications | Example measurement | Info-download (approx. 420 KB)